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Rent To Own / Power Of Sale escape specialists

HOS Financial Inc, established in 2005, is Canada’s largest and most established Rent to Own company.

Our Rent to Own / Power of Sale Solutions are designed to help families achieve their financial goals when Traditional Mortgage products are not available due to things like:

Insufficient Down Payment or Equity

Bruised Credit

Undeclared or Business for Self-Income

New to Canada

Unexpected Life Events

Power of Sale

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Getting on "your" Path to Homeownership

HOS Financial, through it’s Path to Homeownership program, has helped over 1,200 Families across Canada Since 2005!!

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Homeownership Services & Solutions

If you have been declined by the Banks, we have options.
If you have been denied because of credit or income or low deposit, we have solutions.


When you join our “Path to Homeownership” program you become family! With your personally designed program, you will access to the resources and industry experts needed to help you navigate the custom path we design for your Family!

The valuable financial resources provided to your Family will not only ensure you become a future homeowner, they will make your financial future much bright for years to come!


This service will be part of your Path to Homeownership program. This section of your program offers guidance and education to help you improve your overall financial profile. We analyze real-time data originating from your existing credit report to offer action steps to boost your Credit Score and overall Credit Profile.

With a great credit score and profile, you will have easier access to things like:

• Lower interest rates on car loans, credit cards and mortgages

• Better car and home insurance Premiums
Utility Services

• Cell phone packages without having to pay a security deposit

• Look better to potential employers

• Plus more!

Let us help you improve your overall lifestyle with better credit!


For the past 16 years, we have cultivated a group of trusted investors are “socially aware” and who we have reliably delivered value to our tenants.

Our Investors trust us to provide them with services which help them help more families!

Get comfort in knowing you are being matched with individuals who have a common goal…to help you become a home owner soon!

What Clients Say About Our Home Owner Soon
Rent to Own Program...

A Big thank-you to the team at HOS Financial. We feel very indebted to you. Without your help we would have lost our home.

Rob & Lyn B.

Brantford, ON


When my landlord suggested he was going to sell the home we lived in for 5 years, HOS Financial was there to help us purchase the home when my bank said “no”. The Home Owner Soon Program allowed my children to stay in the only home they have ever known. A big THANK YOU to the entire HOS Family. We are forever grateful!

Virginia S

Toronto, ON


We were just about ready to throw in the towel. Everywhere we looked for help we were turned away. Then, we were introduced to the Home Owner Soon Program. Today, we are proud homeowners and thankful to the team at HOS Financial for all their support!

Carla H.

Brampton, ON

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