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Home Owner Soon has been helping families since 2005. We are Canada’s largest and most successful Lease Purchase (Rent to Own) company in Canada. Our revolutionary Lease Purchase (Rent to Own) program is available in most major cities and towns across Canada.

We help families who are unable to acquire mortgages through traditional banks AND rebuild their credit so they can achieve their dream of home ownership in the future.

Our goal is really simple: To help more families become home owners or avoid losing their home through Power of Sale or Foreclosure…it is that simple!

In 2010 Home Owner Soon Inc. introduced an Industry Leading Lease Buy Back program which helps families keep their Dream home, save their Equity and Avoid Power of Sale or Foreclosure

We have achieved great success across Canada helping families with their purchase and refinance needs. “We do not care about the current state of your financial affairs. We are here to help you avoid financial disaster or become a home owner soon. There is no shame in having life events put you in dire straits…we don’t judge or make assumptions…we understand bad things happen to good people. We are here to help you save their home, help you recover financially and help you restore your Credit Rating”

If you are facing Power of Sale or Foreclosure…CALL TODAY…time is of the essence and WE CAN HELP YOU SAVE YOUR HOME!!!! Our Refinance Buy Back Program is designed to help families who have suffered a life event which altered their financial situation and are now facing Power of Sale or Foreclosure. Our Refinance Buy Back Program allows current homeowners to remain in their home, preserve their current equity and have enough time to rebuild credit scores so Bank financing can be obtained in the future. NOTE: Applicants are not qualified based on current Credit Score. Our program is designed to allow you time to Rebuild your Credit Score.

(All Credit Situations Considered. Starting credit rating does not matter)