Are Rent to Own Loans Available?

Getting a Loan For Rent to Own Homes Do you need $ 25,000 for your down payment? Many of our clients spend years saving for their down payment but they can’t seem to earn fast enough for the down payment since the cost of a home is growing faster than they can save. So, what […]

Rent to Own Agreement

Understanding Your Rent to Own Agreement Not long ago, an article appeared in the Mortgage Broker News addressing the housing market in some major centres. It talked to the challenge Millennials are having to become new homeowners. The main reasons are “rising market prices” and the “inability to save for a down payment”. Our Rent […]

Rent to Own Homes: How does the Process Works

Part One: Entering into a Rent to Own Program – Start with the end in mind. There are a number of steps required to participate in a Rent to Own program. To participate in a successful Rent to Own program you need to know a couple of very important things. It’s all about the Exit, […]