5 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Look at Rent to Own

Rent to own for realtors

Realtors may consider working with rent to own companies for various reasons, as this partnership can benefit both parties involved. Here are five reasons why real estate agents might find it advantageous to collaborate with rent to own companies:

  1. Expanded Client Base: Rent-to-own companies specialize in providing solutions for potential homebuyers who may not qualify for traditional mortgages due to credit or financial issues. By partnering with an established rent to own company, realtors can tap into a previously untapped market of clients who are motivated to buy but need time to improve their financial standing.
  2. Receive Referrals. In addition to having more financing options for clients, many consumers who apply directly to rent to own companies and are later matched with a Realtor partner to locate a suitable property. In these instances, the Realtor is receiving a pre-approved client who is motivated to buy. Imagine receiving six clients a year with NO marketing costs.
  3. Increased Inventory Movement: Rent-to-own arrangements often involve properties that may have been sitting on the market for a while. Real estate agents can work with rent-to-own companies to help move these properties faster, potentially reducing carrying costs and increasing overall sales volume.
  4. Expertise and Resources: Rent-to-own companies typically have experience in structuring Alternative Financng and can provide additional resources for both realtors and clients. This can include legal expertise, credit counselling, and financial advice, making the home-buying process smoother for all parties involved.
  5. Long-Term Client Relationships: Working with clients in rent-to-own arrangements creates the opportunity for realtors to develop strong relationships that can extend beyond the rental period. Once the client successfully purchases the property, realtors might continue to provide support and assistance, potentially leading to referrals and repeat business.

It’s essential for realtors to carefully evaluate any potential partnerships with rent-to-own companies. Realtors should ensure that the rent-to-own company they’re considering partnering with operates ethically and transparently and provides fair deals for both clients and realtors.

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