Path to Homeownership Webinar Series

Wealth of Knowledge from Certified, Licensed Industry Professionals

Invest in yourself with actionable knowledge that will help you transform your financial future. We first start with credit as your foundation and the source of building wealth. 

Live weekly Credit Improvement Webinar

  • Increase your credit score from 400 to 680 in 90 days
  • Buying Real Estate with poor credit and no money
  • The best and fastest way to improve your credit
  • Want to Build wealth start with Credit
  • Where to go to get free money 

Rent to Own - A Path to Homeownership

  • The risks with Rent to Own
  • How to buy a house with rent to own
  • What agents don’t tell you about Rent to own 
  • How anyone can be a Rent to Own Investor
  • How to Invest with Rent to Own

Live Real Estate & Mortgages

  • Is the Real Estate industry out of control – no end in sight. 
  • How to buy Real Estate with poor credit and no money
  • How to avoid the property trap 
  • What agents do tell you about mortgages

Protecting Your Assets & Building Wealth Webinar

This webinar will discuss how you can protect your assets and grow your wealth. We will look at a variety of financial tools and services designed to help you minimize your risk foot print so you can achieve your financial goals.