Who Is Responsible For Property Taxes On A Foreclosure

Who is responsible for property taxes on a foreclosure? The answer is, it depends. For homeowners who would like to keep their homes (by “redeeming” the mortgage during the 6 month redemption period) they must pay property taxes as well as any interest and costs as well as the balance of the loan. In that […]

Power of Sale vs Foreclosure

Power of Sale vs Foreclosure If you own a home but are not familiar with real estate law, the differences between Power of Sale and Foreclosure can be confusing. If you are also in financial difficulty or otherwise facing the possibilities of Foreclosure or Power of Sale proceedings, it’s very important to know which one […]

Difference between foreclosure and power of sale

What’s the Difference Between Foreclosure and Power of Sale? For homeowners who find themselves in financial difficulty, it’s important to understand the difference between foreclosure and power of sale. Particularly advice from the US tends to focus on “foreclosure” as a blanket term, yet for Canadian homeowners the reality is that they will probably never […]

Can A Foreclosure Be Reversed

Once a foreclosure begins, can it be stopped? The answer is yes. In fact, the Canadian legal environment makes it relatively easy for a homeowner to stop foreclosure once it has begun — provided they can come up with the money to pay off the mortgage. However, the foreclosure process tends to favour the borrower […]

Foreclosure vs bankruptcy which is worse

What Happens During Foreclosure — And What Are Your Best Options How Long Will A Foreclosure or Bankruptcy Affect My Credit? What Can I Do About Power of Sale or Foreclosure? In Canada at least, bankruptcy is significantly worse for your credit rating. The reason is that a foreclosure only affects your mortgage, whereas bankruptcy […]

How do foreclosures affect property values

How do foreclosures affect property values? For Canadian owners, little data is available, but looking south the answer is quite clear: a foreclosure slightly but definitely reduces the value of properties nearby. This is the conclusion of many studies that have been done of real estate prices, particularly in the wake of the US housing […]

How long from foreclosure to eviction

After foreclosure, how long to eviction? How long before foreclosure starts? Foreclosure Procedure in Canada When Does A Foreclosure Start? What happens when you go into foreclosure? How Long Does Foreclosure Take? Stopping Foreclosure The answer is, it depends. First of all, it is important for any homeowner facing foreclosure to ensure they are in […]

What Does Foreclosure Mean To A Buyer?

What does foreclosure mean to a buyer? For many buyers, it means a chance to get a good deal on a property. When a house is foreclosed, it means the homeowner defaulted on their mortgage payments and was not able to pay off the mortgage despite receiving a notice of default. The lender then starts […]

How To Stop Foreclosure and Save Your Home

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Process to Stop Foreclosure If you’re wondering how to stop foreclosure at the last minute, there are a few things you need to be aware of that may make it possible to save your home. What’s more, stopping foreclosure is not just about saving your home — it’s also about securing your financial future. Here’s […]

Stop Foreclosure Immediately

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How to stop foreclosure at the last minute? If you are looking for ways to stop foreclosure immediately as time is running out, which method is right for you depends on exactly how “last minute” it actually is. But, not to worry, you can Stop Foreclosure Quick. Your options essentially come down to two possibilities: either you can negotiate with the lender […]