Mario Francella

With over 20 years of qualified experience as a business owner and financial professional, Mario has helped and coached thousands of people to develop positive personal cashflow, lower their debts, protect their assets and improve their credit.

Plan for Your Success

Start Here: Your Personal Financial Planner

This first call is your first stop on your Path to Homeownership is your intro call with either Mario or a member of his team in order to set up a zoom meeting to formally meet.

  • In your First Zoom Meeting, we will share some educational info on finance and run a full assessment to see where you currently stand financially.
  • Next, based on your assessment, we will put together a plan based on your information – Basically create a GPS map for you to follow in order to reach your financial goals.
  • Next, we will present a plan and put together the right pieces in place. We will talk about budgeting and ongoing financial advice and support throughout the program.

Our Corporate mission is to help deserving Canadians achieve the goal of Home Ownership! We are Canada’s longest established Rent to Own company, established in 2005. During this time, we have helped over 1000 families become or stay as Homeowners.

HOS Financial provides custom solutions to deserving consumers allowing them to become homeowners during these times of tight government lending guidelines.

We are passionate and committed to quality client services for families in our Program. Our goal, for all our clients is that they successfully Exit with significant built in equity. While we can’t guarantee that there will be equity, if you follow our Path to Homeownership Program, we can guarantee you will exit and become a future homeowner.

During our Path to Home Ownership coaching program, tenants are taught Rent to OwnInvesting basics so when they exit from their program with significant equity, they too can become an Investor.

We found that 95% of our clients, at the end of the term Exit with substantial equity where, become one of our investors.

Exiting is defined as successfully negotiating a mortgage with a financial institution at the end of the Rent to Own term.

Your Personal Financial review is one of the first steps to take on your Path to Home Ownership. This one-to-one session service with a financial advisor who will provide you with insights, tools and services to help you plan your Program Exit.

Whether it’s credit management and credit improvement, debt elimination or reduction, cash flow growth, your Personal Financial Planner will there to support you on your path.

Mario and our Team of Financial planners will be available to help you plan your family’s financial future