Path to Homeownership Overview Summary

For some people, they are not ready to get on the Property Ladder because of their deposit, credit or income. This program will get you and your family on a Path to a future Mortgage and Homeownership.

You will access customized tools, resources, Live and Recorded webinars plus continued coaching for 6 or 24 months, all based on where you are on the property ladder today..

When you are ready to start on the Property Ladder, you can join our Platinum (PTHO) program featuring Rent to Own at no additional charge.

NOTE: All monies invested on your Path to Homeownership are returned to you when “your” Path to Homeownership program with a mortgage arranged by our mortgage team. Yes…in the end, your Path to Homeownership will be provided to you at no cost.

During our Live webinars, we go behind the curtain and look at trends and ask challenging questions so that you leave with solutions which will make a difference with your financial plan. Each session is live, so when attending you have the opportunity to ask questions specific to your personal needs. Further, you can attend special workshops where you can interact with other Path to Homeownership members

There are 8 Steps to getting Mortgage Ready in our Path to Homeownership (Gold) Program, all based on where you are now on your path!

Each step below has individual modules which will take about 30 days to complete. When attending, you will take about 6 to 12 months to complete so you can either attend live or watch the recorded video to learn at your own pace.