PRIVATE LENDER Financing upto 90% LTV.
Specializing in providing solutions to your most challenging mortgage transactions.

It all started in 2008. The market crash made me jump out of the banking sector comfort zone (was successfully doing mortgage sales and underwriting for CIBC group of companies) and take a leap of faith in the mortgage world. Everybody said “you are a fool, the markets have tanked”. I could not go back to the enormous restructuring and pay cuts I had taken. All I knew was I started at the lowest point and the only way is up! I have been a Mortgage Agent, working with various different mortgage organizations. I have saved 100’s of deals by helping lenders under writers review the file, escalate & think out of the box.

I have performed various roles from initial start-ups to 30 year old successful companies, from on-line lead generation to clients having a successful realtor/referral network. From doing, my first mortgage to presenting to a room of 20+ investors. My current role is allows me to underwrite for a group of mortgage agents usually “newbies”. I am handling the simple but rare “slam dunk” deal, to the complex multi property & savvy real estate investor. My role allows me to, mentor, train, & equips agents to manage the challenges of being a mortgage agent in a highly competitive broker world. There is the occasional Business Development work, meeting new lenders, attending product training, setting up lender accounts to existing suite of offerings i.e. insurance product, private mortgages business loans etc.