PTHO Platinum

Your Platinum Path to Homeownership Program provides you with all the tools and resources to get you participating in HOS financial Rent to Own program. We will assess your financial situation and support you throughout the Rent to Own qualification process. This program is for people who meet the Rent to Own Program requirements and are ready to get started with Homeownership. When you qualify, we will match you with an investor who will work with you to purchase a property on your behalf. While in your Rent to Own Program you will be supported until you exit within two to five years. When you exit you will have generated value in the property you purchased and you will get your initial program deposit refunded when you get a mortgage with us.

Weekly Topics of Discussion Rent to Own Ready Topics HOS Financial Affiliate Program Credit Improvement Solutions/Tools
  1. Mindset coaching and training
  2. Is the Real Estate industry out of control - no end in sight 
  3. How to buy Real Estate with poor credit and no money
  4. How to avoid the property trap 
  5. What agents do tell you about mortgages 
  6. The risks with Rent to Own
  7. The best and fastest way to improve your credit
  8. How to build wealth safely with real estate
  9. Where to go to get free money 
  10. Why you must personally incorporate today
  11. How to pay less tax
  12. Why you should avoid RRSP
  13. How to beat the bank
  1. Credit & Debt Management 
  2. Financial Coaching 
  3. Credit Coaching 
  4. Real Estate Webinar
  5. Credit Foundations Webinar
  6. Mortgage Webinar
  7. Rent to Own webinar
  8. Access to our growing library of financial education
  9. Lifetime Access to Recorded Content
  10. Access to our Trusted Professional Partner Network
  11. Access to pre-negotiated Discounted legal, Moving, Cleaning services




  1. Program to generate cash flow 
  2. Passive Income Generating programs
  3. Generate income by sharing your link
  4. Earn 20% for all program referrals






  1. Personal Financial Assessment - Create your plan for homeownership.
  2. Access to Facebook Community
  3. Credit Improvement Strategies
  4. Getting out of Debt
  5. Access to Credit Building tools and services
  6. Monthly Group Credit Coaching
  7. 12 Credit coaching and debt management Sessions






Weekly Topics of Discussion
  1. Access to Facebook Community
  2. Credit Improvement Strategies
  3. Getting out of Debt
  4. All Credit can be rebuilt
  5. Use Of Credit
  6. What is a credit score?  
  7. History of credit scores
  8. How can I see my credit score? 
  9. Why don't I have a credit score?





  1. Access to Credit Building tools and services
  2. Program Delivery: Live Group Credit Coaching 90 Day Interval
  3. The 9 rules of Credit
  4. 7 Credit Myths that are affecting your Credit Score
  5. The Power of Positive Credit - Proprietary course with quizzes
  6. Score Building Strategies 
  7. Credit Basics: The Fine Print
  8. How do I improve my credit score?