Financial Foundations

Each week we host a series of webinars on credit, real estate, mortgage and rent to own and as a Financial Foundations member, you will have access to our complete library of content. You can use this information to help you prepare to purchase a home. Invest in yourself with actionable knowledge that will help you transform your financial future. This is a must watch series where we talk to industry insiders, with more than 25 years of experience and have the inside track on the financial services industry.  


This is not your average online financial webinar. This series interviews industry professionals and asks them honest and direct questions about the financial services industry. We then open the mic where you can ask your personal questions. 

We go behind the curtain and look at trends and ask challenging questions so that you leave with solutions that will make a difference with your financial plan. During our webinar series, we provide you with real world, up to date financial information. During our series, we will cover the following topics and much more

Financial Foundations Webinar Schedule

Credit & Debt Management Build Wealth & Asset Protection Understanding Rent to Own Real Estate & Mortgages
  1. Increase your credit score from 400 to 680 in 90 days
  2. How to buy Real Estate with poor credit and no money
  3. The best and fastest way to improve your credit
  4. Want to Build wealth start with Credit
  5. Where to go to get free money






  1. Building wealth 
  2. Protecting your income
  3. Reducing your tax 
  4. Asset protection 
  5. Insurance basics
  6. Investment Basics






  1. The risks with Rent to Own
  2. How to buy a house with rent to own
  3. What agents don’t tell you about Rent to own 
  4. How anyone can be a Rent to Own Investor
  5. How to Invest with Rent to Own






  1. Is the Real Estate industry out of control - no end in sight. 
  2. How to buy Real Estate with poor credit and no money
  3. How to avoid the property trap 
  4. What agents do tell you about mortgages 
  5. How to build wealth safely with real estate