Turning deserving families into Home Owners


Real Estate, Credit & Financial Education Coaching

Our Path to Homeownership Program provides deserving families with a structured process and plan to become a homeowner. Whether you are just starting to look for a home, we can help. If you have been declined by the Banks, we have options.

If you have been denied because of credit or income or low deposit, we have solutions. Regardless of where you are on your path to homeownership we have a solution to help you become a homeowner.

When you join our Path to Homeownership Family

Your Path to Homeownership Program is a Unique Exit Strategy based on your Financial Profile when you enter our Rent to Own Program. The Program takes you step by step through each aspect of the Home Ownership process.


This is a Critical Part of Improving your Overall Credit Profile.

Credit Management refers to the generic process of improving both Credit Score and Profile.

We review your initial Credit Score and Profile to create the action steps to improve both to Bank Standards!


A mentor once told us “Until you can manage your money, you will likely NOT do a good job managing your Credit”.

They were right and that is where we start…Budgeting.

The Financial Assessment also offers guidance to Investments, Insurance and More!


Once your Path to Homeownership has been structured, our team will check in on a regular basis to discuss your progress and provide any Coaching and Guidance required to keep things on track.

This is your Opportunity to ask questions or address concerns with your Coach.


As part of your Path to Homeownership program, we may recommend that certain debts be removed before the end of your Rent to Own Program.

Once these debts have been identified, you can discuss the strategy with your Financial Planner and build this into your monthly budgeting!


Another aspect of your Path to Homeownership program is managing debts that will remain through to the end of your Rent to Own Term.

It is critical these debts be managed in a way so that payments are always kept up to date.

Remember, a missed payment can remain on your Credit Report for up to 6 YEARS!


The end destination for you is a Future Mortgage.

The more you understand about the Mortgage Qualifying process, the better you can prepare yourself for the Mortgage Process.

Mortgage Guidelines are fluid and frequently changing, staying abreast of the mortgage landscape is important to your future!

How Does HOS Path to Homeownership Program Work?

Your Path to Homeownership Program courses are also designed to be interactive, taking you step by step through each aspect of the Home Ownership/Real Estate Investing process. Your training programs are designed to ensure you receive the most accurate, up-to-date, unbiased, and easy-to-understand information needed for “You” to become a Homeowner, now or in the future.


Our mission is to offer services, tools, resources, training and education to help you accomplish your goals

Where you start on your Path to Homeownership will depend where you are on that path today. Perhaps you have poor credit, no down payment, self employed, low income. Everyone’s situation is unique and therefore, every Path to Homeownership is different, we have a solution to path for you.



A Big thank-you to the team at HOS Financial. We feel very indebted to you. Without your help we would have lost our home.

Rob & Lyn B.

Brantford, ON


When my landlord suggested he was going to sell the home we lived in for 5 years, HOS Financial was there to help us purchase the home when my bank said “no”. The Home Owner Soon Program allowed my children to stay in the only home they have ever known. A big THANK YOU to the entire HOS Family. We are forever grateful!

Virginia S

Toronto, ON


We were just about ready to throw in the towel. Everywhere we looked for help we were turned away. Then, we were introduced to the Home Owner Soon Program. Today, we are proud homeowners and thankful to the team at HOS Financial for all their support!

Carla H.

Brampton, ON