When you join our Path to Homeownership family, you will have access to a group of financial experts and solutions such as credit management, mortgage, real estate, debt management, wealth building, rent to own and access to a library of financial resources to help you become a homeowner.


HOS Financial Path to Homeownership Provides our members with Access  to our ASCEND CREDIT program which includes a blueprint and clear path to better credit through our unique credit improvement program.

If you have been: 

  • Declined for Mortgage Financing?
  • Declined for a New Credit Card?
  • Declined for a New Car Loan?
  • Declined for Insurance or a New Job?

You are probably paying High Interest Rates on Loan and Credit Cards because of a Low Credit Score? There is a high probability that you are also finding it difficult to find a place to rent because of a poor credit score?

Drowning in Debt and having no Solutions?

HOS Financial ASCEND CREDIT program may not only help you avoid financial disaster, but also get you on the path to a more secure financial future. ASCEND CREDIT features a free credit coaching consultation to get you started on the right track.

Initial Consultation with a Credit Coach

During this session, one of our Credit Coaches will access and review your current Credit report with you. We can access your Credit Report through a Soft Inquiry during the consultation.

During this consultation, we will:

  • Review your Credit Data for Accuracy
  • Provide guidance as to how errors can be removed from your Credit Report
  • Recommend the Best “Personal” Credit Improvement Strategy based on your Credit. At times, it is necessary to declare Personal Bankruptcy, File for a Consumer Proposal or Debt Management Program to deal with the amount of debt. We have specialists who can help with any type of Insolvency event.

For an Additional Fee, we will also provide you with:

Budgeting Services

  • Provide Budgeting Tools – We focus on Budgeting as we believe you cannot control your Credit without controlling your Money!

Remove Negative Tradelines from your Credit Report 

Every trade line has a statute of Limitations and once that time period has expired, these Negative trade lines should be removed from your Credit report.

If the Negative tradeline does not have an expired Statute of Limitations, we will put a plan together to ensure the Negative Tradelines are removed or paid off as soon as possible.

Our team of Experts have several years of experience working with Creditors and understand how to deal with Negative Trade Line effectively and efficiently.

Increase your Score by analyzing Positive Trade Lines

  • The Repositories, TransUnion and Equifax, tell us that existing Positive Trade lines are the main area of focus when trying to boost credit scores.
  • The HOS Credit Compass program uses proprietary tools to help you analyze Positive Credit and provide Action Steps to boost your Score.
  • HOS Financial has partnered with Score-Up to provide you with access to revolutionary Software which allows Consumers to analyze and strategically plan a path forward to boost Credit Scores.
  • Here is a short video to show you an example of these tools. Credit Building Tools Credit Compass will provide tools to help establish Positive Trade lines.

They include but are not limited to:

    • New Credit Cards
    • Secured
    • Unsecured
    • GIC Loans
    • Auto
    • Loans
    • Leasing
    • Personal Loans

We will show you how to introduce these Tradelines and how to manage them for maximum Credit Score Boost.

Credit Education – Getting you on your Path to Homeownership

Our Path to Homeownership Program provides access to our ASCEND CREDIT program and offers our members with Credit training and education to help you understand how to build your Credit Score but also why a GREAT Credit Score is important.

Consumers often say “I do not want to pay for any Credit Improvement Program” but are happy to pay 14.99% on vehicle financing, 29.9% on Credit Cards and 8.99% on a First Mortgage.

Use the form below, or give us a call and find out the HOS Financial Credit Compass Program can help you finally get control of your credit. There is no obligation or cost to speak to one of our experts.

If you have any family members, friends or colleagues you think might benefit from joining, feel free to pass along the link.

Lastly, if you have any questions that you’d like us to answer, please email myself or Greg in advance. We’ll do our best to have them answered during the event

Looking forward to having you join us!