Canadian Professional Real Estate Investment Series

Has the “Iron Triangle” of Real Estate
Investing been holding you back?


Whether your goal is Passive Cash Flow to replace your income sooner, or Capital Gains to grow your long term WEALTH, learn how you can achieve BOTH at the same time and solve the Iron Triangle problem.


We’ll dive into the Pros and Cons of each, the current Market Cycle, and how you can squeeze the MOST ROI out of your REI!  Bring your questions for our experts with over 27 years of investing experience.

There’s no pitch and nothing to buy – just lots of FREE valuable content to help you navigate the current market.

HOS’ Financial’s mission is to help as many deserving Canadians as possible achieve their goal of Home Ownership! Our commitment is to bring our Investing Partners Opportunities which are consistent with our Investment Motto

Safe – Secure and Simple Investing.

To support our tenants and ensure Successful programs, we have developed a proprietary platform known as “Path to Home Ownership”. Investors who enter this program normally receive between 24% ROI on their investment through our RescueRefi or our Rent to Own Program.

If you’re not sure how to make the most of the current Real Estate market or you haven’t started investing yet for any reason, join us FREE to learn about proven and time-tested strategy that can dramatically accelerate your success in Real Estate Investing.