How To Send A Deal….
Email your application and credit bureau to We would respond between 24 to 48 hours for your deal and email you the quote and package giving you instructions on how to move forward.

Overall Guidelines…
Location’s We Fund In:

      • British Columbia: Greater Vancouver area
      • Alberta: Edmonton to Calgary and cities, towns off Hwy #2 corridor.
      • Saskatchewan: Saskatoon, Regina only
      • Ontario: Windsor to Kingston along the Hwy 401 corridor, Cornwall to Ottawa valley, Toronto with double tax (call us for details)
      • Quebec: Montreal and Gatineau
      • Manitoba: Winnipeg

Property Details:

    • Resale: Single family homes with or without basement apartments, or up to 4 units (all rental component must be legal and retrofit). The square footage should be consistent for the type of homes in the area and must be supported by comparable and located within 45km of population of 5,000 or more. These houses should be listed on MLS, we will consider private sale (FSBO) only with an appraisal to support the market value.
    • New purchases: Generally fine if the HST is included in the purchase price. In Ontario there is HST on non-owner occupied homes making it impossible to transact.
    • Ineligible Properties: Commercial or mix use, agriculture, industrial, island, cottage, recreational or homes that are not prime or in good repair and no “as is” or fixer uppers. Land cannot exceed 5 acres in size.

Cost To Our Program: The Following is a list of our fee’s:

  1. Activation Fee – Required once we secure a funding partner, $500 plus HST
  2. Commitment Fee – Up to 2% plus HST charged on the purchase price and is required when we waive financing conditions or from proceeds on a re-fi (2% for properties in Quebec)
  3. Appraisals – Required for all deals if the client is currently living in the subject property to validate market value, which they are responsible for. If this is a private landlord sale (FSBO), appraisal is also mandatory and required upfront or at least on order. Appraisals are exempt on MLS listed sales. (Cost $375 – $450 plus HST)
  4. Home Inspection – Crucial to identify any issue with the house, a work order will be generated to correct issue found in the report using equity from the existing home (if any). For new purchases, the vendor would have to agree to the repairs or find another home. (Cost $250-$450 plus HST)