In short, the Home Owner Soon Rent to Own Guelph program lets you overcome both hurdles of having poor credit or not enough cash on hand. You can buy the home you and your family want, and you can do it now. HOS also specializes in helping families in Ontario avoid the jaws of foreclosure to keep their family at home where they deserve to be. We understand how unexpected life events can affect personal finances.

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Lease Purchase Buy Back Program – Escape Power of Sale / Foreclosure

History / Statistics:

Guelph’s growing, diverse community of 120,000 people is a major draw for people in the agriculture and life sciences research world, as well as those who work in advanced manufacturing, tech, and environmental technology. Plus, with a location 100km away from Toronto and a world renowned research university and the University of Guelph, it’s easy to understand why people want to move to the Royal City.

For many would-be homeowners, there is one wrinkle. Since the housing crisis, the Canadian government and Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation have made it significantly harder to get a mortgage. The lending standards are getting steadily stricter, because the regulators want to prevent a Canadian real estate bubble.

This may be good for the Canadian real estate industry in the long term, but it also means that many people who would have sailed through the mortgage approval process a few years ago now find the process to be an uphill fight. In many cases these homeowners are simply unable to get a mortgage from a traditional lender.

As wonderful as an “approval” is, to be “denied” seems utterly devastating. Taught that they must finance a home either via a bank or a credit union, not being able get mortgage can seem like being told they cannot buy a home.

How Rent to Own Guelph Solves This Problem

Fortunately, it’s not true that homeowners are limited to financing their homes with banks or credit unions. Alternate financing is available, and certain kinds of lenders do not necessarily care about your credit score.

The solution is HOS Financial Rent to Own Guelph program. It offers Guelph homeowners a chance to move in to the property they want now, and put a portion of their monthly rent towards a down payment on buying the house at the end of the term.

Am I Eligible For The Rent To Own Guelph Program?

It is important to realize Home Owner Soon will not accept you as a client unless we believe we can help you. We have many years of experience working with homeowners and we know many different ways to bring you back to good “credit health.” However, it would not be helping you in the long run to simply find you short-term financing if we could not also help you out of the “bad credit hole.”

Therefore, we have a 9-step system to ensure the Rent to Own does not have a “catch” and that there will be no “surprises” for you. In fact, part of the Program requires that you have your attorney review the contract — this makes sure your interests are protected, and that you fully understand how it will work.

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Rent to Own in Guelph — How It Can Rescue You From Foreclosure

Our Rent to Own program is also available to families who are facing the prospect of Foreclosure or Power of Sale. We can help you avoid being forced from your home! We understand that unexpected life events often seriously impact personal finances, and so if your current lender is threatening to sell your home out from under you — we can help.

Our Rent to Own Buy-Back program allows you to stay in your home. You do not have to move, and your kids can stay with their friends. In fact, the Rent to Own Buy-Back program has another major benefit: not only can you stay where you are, but you will also repair your credit problems and be able to qualify for a traditional mortgage again.

The Rent to Own Buy-Back program allows you to access most of the equity in your home so that you will be able to consolidate your debt and avoid any further issues. You will also receive expert assistance from our credit mentoring team. They know what banks are looking for, and they will coach you on restoring your credit profile so that you no longer have trouble obtaining credit.

At the completion of the Rent to Own Buy-Back program, not only will you still be living in your home — you will have healthy credit, and you will be ideally positioned to obtain a normal mortgage.