Home Owner Soon – Your Ideal Partner for Rent to Own Oshawa, Southern Ontario

Do you wish to be the proud owner of your own home, but banks or mortgage lenders have unfortunately turned down your mortgage application?

Do you want to own the home of your dreams in Oshawa, but your have a poor credit rating or a history of bad credit? For the sake of your precious family, do not get discouraged! After all, it is your prerogative to provide your loved ones a steady, ideal home and secure for them a bright, stress-free future as they definitely deserve.

It is up to you to make your dreams come true, because now you have the opportunity to leverage the exceedingly successful program called Lease Purchase or Rent to Own in Oshawa, courtesy of Canada s premier and most trusted professional Rent to Own program.

History / Statistics:
Regarded as the eastern anchor of both the Golden Horseshoe and the Greater Toronto Area, the picturesque city of Oshawa is located in Southern Ontario and it is the largest municipality in the Durham Region. Incorporated back in 1850, the city of Oshawa serves as a commercial hub for smaller communities within the Oshawa Census Metropolitan Area and it has gradually developed into a vibrant, cosmopolitan and cutting-edge community combining optimally big-city amenities and small-town charm.

Touted the exclusive ”automotive capital of Canada”, this exceedingly modern yet close-knit and friendly community boasts an extensive variety of fabulous and affordable residential properties, a dynamic and thriving business environment comprising innovative start-ups and world-class companies such as General Motors as well as a burgeoning array of top-rated and chic restaurants, an eclectic mix of local and brand name shopping, lush recreational areas, including the breathtaking Lakeview Park, top entertainment and award-winning events. With a population of 155,000 and a total area of 56.25 square miles,

the city of Oshawa offers its residents an exceptional quality of life and coupled with its close proximity to Toronto ( only 60 miles), this community is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a more connected, convenient and smarter lifestyle as well as fresh, more exciting and rewarding living and working experiences.

Thanks to these amazing location-relation benefits for Oshawa residents, combined with the relatively stable prices of homes for sale, and more importantly, in the affordable range, the Oshawa real estate market continues its phenomenally ascending trend.

Rent To Own Homes in Oshawa, Ontario

Looking to Rent to own Homes Oshawa? For almost a decade, Home Owner Soon (HOS) has been helping thousands of discerning Canadian residents attain their ultimate goal of home ownership in their favorite cities across Canada, by catering to the exact needs of families declined by banks. 

Through our unwavering commitment to the best interest of our customers, Home Owner Soon provides custom solutions that are guaranteed to make Oshawa residents the proud owners of their own homes as the ideal family environment, regardless of the specific financial issues they may be confronted with. Recommended by thousands of satisfied past customers, now proud homeowners, as well as by exceptional experience and outstanding expertise in the Rent to Own industry, Home Owner Soon is the perfect partner to pair with in order to make the dream of owing a home a reality.

When looking for Rent to Own homes Oshawa prospective homeowners who have been declined by banks in terms of financing a new home purchase or current homeowners who are facing either Power of Sale or Foreclosure, will find it reassuring to know that the highly-respected, dedicated and expert team of HOS has the necessary knowledge, skills and passion to correct permanently the specific financial issues that currently prevent you from obtaining a mortgage, thus allowing you to qualify legally for a mortgage in as little as three years.

Rent to Own in Oshawa, Ontario

With such a diversified and competitive range of townhouses for rent in Oshawa, finding an excellent house that suits perfectly your family needs in fairly easy. However, in terms of the ideal home environment for your family members, nothing beats owning your home. The revolutionary Rent to Own program is your ultimate choice if the banks have declined your application for financing a new home purchase due to various reasons such an unstable job, bad credit or immigrant status.

Your First Step Towards Offering Your Family the Home They Truly Deserve

Prior to entering the innovative and highly beneficial Rent to Own, it is critical to make sure the contract you are about to sign has a solid exit strategy in place which will allow you to purchase legitimately the house of your dreams at the end of the Rent to Own contract term. HOS Financial is proud to offer Oshawa future homeowners such a contract that clearly stipulates that you will be entitled to a future home purchase, in addition to stating the future purchase price you will have to pay to be the legal owner of your home, which will be higher than the current value of the house. The Pre-Approval Application is conveniently available online and it only takes a minute to fill it out.