Path to Homeownership Program Benefits

Credit Building / Coaching:

The most critical part of our RTO program is credit building and credit coaching services.You will have monthly access to a certified credit coach who will support you to get Mortgage Ready. As part, you will get access to a credit simulator tool that will help you improve your credit profile.

RTO Financial Success Blueprint Planning:

Your customized success financial Blueprint is a documented plan for a successful EXIT from our Rent to Own Program! It outlines the specific steps required for you to exit the program and become a homeowner.  

Path to Homeownership Program:

Access to a library of Rent to Own, credit and discounted financial services. 


Our Rent to Own team is one the most experienced in the industry. You will have access to trusted Real Estate, Mortgage and RTO professionals supporting your success through the program. 

RTO Trusted Advisor:

They will be your personal coach who will be committed to helping you become a homeowner.

HOS Referral Program:

There are thousands of people in need of our services. As a referral partner, you can earn income just by referring deserving families to our services.  

Access to our Investor Network

Over the past 16 years, we have been building trusted relationships with accredited investors who trust our RTO model and have invested in many of our clients. This is a trusted private network of investors who have all agreed to help deserving families become future HomeOwners.  

Access to monthly events:

As an RTO program member, you will have access to our monthly financial events where you receive insider knowledge on credit, debt management, income generation, wealth management and much more.