Rob & Lynn Burtch

Hi Jeff: Rob & I agree that anything we can do to assist you is no problem for us.  We feel very indebted to you, Terry and Darren. Without you we would have lost our home.  It is hard to believe but we are nearly at the 1 year mark since we signed our mortgage. Everything is going great.  

We would be very pleased to speak with you and with your client.  As I put in my letter to you, Rob & I firmly believe that you provide a hand up not a handout.  Anyone who is willing to follow the directions and pay their rent and saving portion can do the exact same as we did.  The handout that we received was gratefully accepted and we cannot recommend you enough.  Please feel free to call and we are happy to speak to you and any client that needs to hear from us.

Thanks so much for your help.

Rob & Lynn