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With every Application to our Rent to Own program, a Credit Report is required to ensure a proper Exit Strategy! The Exit Strategy ensures your Credit Profile and Credit Score will be “Mortgage Ready” at the end of your Rent to Own Program. As you have heard in the media, Mortgage guidelines are tightening so it is critical that we review your Credit Profile to ensure you will be mortgageable at the end of the program.

NOTE: All Credit situations are considered when applying to our Program. Your application will “not” be declined based on only Credit Score or Profile. We need your Credit Report so we can review it and make sure the Credit Management portion of your Rent to Own program is catered to your Credit situation. The success of any Rent to Own program is the ability to help clients become Mortgage Ready. In order to put your unique Credit repair/building roadmap in place, we have to determine the starting point.

There are 2 options to obtain your Free Credit Report:

1.) – They offer a Free Credit Report “with” Credit Score. Recommended option.

To make a Print Friendly or PDF versions of your credit report, please see link for info:

2.) – This site offers a Free Credit Report but it does not contain your Credit Score.

If you are have any difficulty obtaining your Free Credit report, please let us know as we can help!

Once you have obtained your Credit Report, please upload it to our website’s Secure Upload Section at:

To take a Screenshot(s) of your credit report, here is a link to the best free screenshot tool: