How Does Our Lease Purchase Program Work?

It is Simple: You move into the home today with a Purchase and Sale Agreement for you to purchase “Your Home” at a later predetermined date at a pre-determined price agreed to before you move in. During the time you are Leasing the home, our team of experts will work with you to get you “Bank” ready before the end of the Lease to Own period. Our Terms are set to provide you enough time to clean up past credit problems and improve on any aspect of your Credit Profile required by current Mortgage Guidelines.

In addition to helping with your Financial Profile, we will help you save enough money during the Lease Term so you have the required Down Payment for your Future Mortgage. A portion of your monthly payment goes towards rent/lease and up to 20% of your Monthly Payment goes into a Savings Component used towards the Final down payment for your mortgage This savings component is often referred to as Option Credits (Credit given to you towards your mortgage when you exercise the option to buy your home). The total savings accumulated during the Lease are added to your initial Down Payment to form your final down payment at the end.

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