I am in foreclosure or Power of Sale. What are my options?

  • Get your Bank to refinance your Mortgage and include any arrears in the Re-write. In today’s lending environment where lending rules are very restrictive…the chances your Bank will rewrite your mortgage are slim to none..
  • Apply for a Secondary financing to get you out of the Foreclosure or Power of Sale Process. The “high’ risk associated with this type of financing is you “must” be able to pay off this secondary financing in a year. If you have Credit Challenges your Credit Score will likely prevent you from securing a New Mortgage to be able to pay off this secondary financing and you will then be in a Power of Sale or Foreclosure Position with the Secondary lender and you are now experiencing financial “déjà vu”…meaning you are in the same position now as you were before you took the secondary financing…you will be facing Power of Sale or Foreclosure again soon.
  • Selling your home…NO…this is NOT your only option left.
  • Use the revolutionary concept known as Refinance Buy Back…stay in your house…pay off the existing Mortgage Lender and all Personal debts…fix your Credit rating and go into a Traditional Mortgage again in 2-3 years. This process allows you to stay in your home…preserve your home equity…fix your credit issues and get a prime rate mortgage at the end of the program.

The public consensus when facing Power of Sale or Foreclosure is to sell your home before the bank takes it.

Question: Why would you sell your home? Why would you give away the equity in your home? Do you want to sell your home because history has taught us when facing Power of Sale or Foreclosure you must do so?

Answer: Selling your home is not the best option if you want to stay in your home. HOS Financial has a revolutionary system that allows homeowners who are facing Power of Sale or Foreclosure to:

  • Stay in their home
  • Preserve the hard earned equity in the home
  • Fix any Credit Issues which may be present
  • Move into a Bank Mortgage in the future

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