What happens if I can not buy the house at the end of the lease because I am not qualified?

Before we start any Rent To Own program, the Exit Strategy is clearly defined. What is an Exit Strategy?

The Exit Strategy is the All-inclusive plan to be executed to ensure you are ready for a Mortgage at the end of the Program term.

Everyone understands the expectations and what has to be done to ensure a successful Rent to Own Program, before it begins.

Unless something that could not be predicted happens, there should be NO Surprises at the end.

If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent the Rent to Own program from completing, we can extend the Program to allow these circumstances to be overcome. If you have been a good tenant there will be no reason not to extend.

NOTE: If you do not follow the Credit Improvement Program, do not make timely Rent to Own payments during the term or do something else that has not been discussed which will negatively affect your ability to exit the Rent to Own Program, there is a good chance we will not be able to extend the Rent to Own program and your Down Payment can be put at risk.

However, if you follow the program laid out for you, we have a VERY HIGH SUCCESS RATE!

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