Unlocking Homeownership in Canada: Tenant First Rent to Own

Are you looking to break free from the rental cycle and step into homeownership in Canada? 

HOS Financial has been a pioneer the rent-to-own concept, connecting aspiring homeowners and savvy investors for mutual benefit. In this article, we’ll explore the Tenant First Rent to Own model and how it differs from the traditional Property First approach, all tailored to the Canadian market.

Tenant First Rent to Own in Canada

HOS Financial was born out of a commitment to empower renters seeking to transition into homeowners and investors seeking higher returns on their capital. In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, conventional lending became more stringent, leaving many potential borrowers locked out of the loan application process despite their ability to make regular mortgage payments.

Many people remain unfamiliar with how “rent to own” works and how it can benefit them. Previously, “Rent to Own” listings were tucked away in the back pages of real estate classifieds. Typically, these listings were the last resort for sellers who couldn’t sell their properties through traditional means and for borrowers who couldn’t secure bank approval for a standard mortgage. But times have changed, and so has the concept of rent to own.

More recently, the Canadian Government has announced as part of their $2 billion housing initiative that 10% of these funds will be set aside specifically for rent to own initiatives.

CMHC Rent-to-Own Stream for Housing Providers

The Tenant First Rent to Own Approach in Canada

HOS Financial’s innovative “Tenant First” program is customized to the unique needs of Canadian tenants and aspiring homeowners. Here’s how it works: 

  1. Financial Assessment: When borrowers apply for a lease purchase contract, they provide their financial information, including salary history, assets, credit report, and other relevant documents.
  2. Home Selection: Once we determine your budget, we assist you in finding the home you desire. We connect you with an in-house or partner Realtor to guide you through the real estate transaction.
  3. Freedom to Choose: Unlike the Property First model, where the borrower looks for a house, in the Tenant First model, you choose the home you want. As soon as a “for sale by owner” or “for sale on MLS” home becomes available, you can grab it if you have an approved application with HOS Financial. We assign you to a Realtor, and they help you find your dream home.
  4. Lease Purchase Negotiation: Once you’ve selected your dream home, we negotiate the purchase. During the lease purchase term, the investor owns the house while you, the tenant, move in. You start with a Down Payment/Security Deposit and pay rent on the property. Additionally, you contribute to an escrow account called Option Credits, which will eventually form part of your final down payment.


Our Tenant First program is designed with you in mind. You pick the house you want to rent, sign a Purchase and Sale agreement before moving in, and receive personalized guidance from HOS Financial to improve your credit score.

If you want to explore the possibility of home ownership through rent to own please complete our application: