Enter HOS Financial’s Rent to Own Montreal program. With HOS Financial, you can buy the Montreal home of your dreams no matter what your credit may be.

You can buy even if you have been refused bank financing already.

The bottom line is, we can help even when it seems like nobody else will. If you:
– Have damaged credit
– Are a new immigrant
– Need a low down payment
– Are self-employed
– Are in arrears on your taxes
– Are facing foreclosure or power of sale

History / Statistics:

Montreal is an excellent place to live if you’re looking for quality of life and career advancement. The city is multilingual, safe, and green. It has a thriving sports scene, a dynamic labour market, and it’s consistently ranked as one of the top 10 hippest cities in the world.

Living in Montreal costs on average 20% less than Vancouver or Toronto, and it’s still one of the safest cities in North America — Montreal’s homicide rate was the lowest of North America’s 20 largest cities in 2011.

In 2013 Montreal was ranked as the number-one most bike-friendly city in North America and it’s been a UNESCO City of Design since 2006. If you have students in your household, you’ll be happy to know that Montreal is considered the top city in the world to get an undergraduate college education.

With statistics like that, Montreal is a very desirable place to live. Unfortunately, ever-tightening Canadian lending standards mean that traditional lenders are becoming more and more selective about whom they will issue mortgages to. Many homeowners who would have qualified for mortgages before are now being shown the door. Even worse, for homeowners in financial difficulty or who recently overcame hard times the prospect of finding a loan can be daunting.

HOS Financial’s Rent to Own program can help you achieve your goal of home ownership. Home Owner Soon bridges the gap between the “NO” you’re hearing from lenders today and the “YES” you will be hearing from them soon.

How Rent To Own Works in Montreal, Quebec

Rent to Own lets you move into the house you want today… and then take ownership of it later. During the course of the Rent to Own program, our credit-repair experts will work with you, helping fix the problems that are causing your bank to deny you a mortgage today.

When you sign up for Rent to Own, a portion of your monthly rental payment will go towards the down payment when you are able to buy the house. If you have a poor credit score right now, that’s fine. Over the term of the Rent to Own program you will accumulate enough for a down payment and repair your credit to the point that you will be able to get a “yes” from a bank by the end of the program.

Signing up for Rent to Own follows a nine-step program:

1. You work with a Realtor to find the home of your dreams. You can choose your own property — we will not force you to pick from a menu.

2. You submit your application to our Underwriting Department. We will analyse it to ensure we will be able to solve your credit problems with our Rent to Own Montreal program. Once we’re confident we can help you, we will send you an offer to consider.

3. If you agree to the program terms, you send back signed copies of the relevant forms.

4. Once everyone is confident you will achieve your goals with the Rent to Own program, we will look for a Funding Partner to purchase the house.

5. After locating the Funding Partner, we draft the relevant contracts that lay out the financing details in the Lease Purchase Program.

6. On receipt of the contracts, you must take these contracts to your own lawyer and obtain Independent Legal Advice. We want you to be fully informed and confident the program is fair to you — therefore, the program requires you have your lawyer review the documents.

7. After your lawyer approves the contracts, you sign and return them.

8. The Property Seller and Funding Partner sign the relevant real estate documents. Your Funding Partner will be the one actually purchasing the house. They do so on your behalf, and you sign a contract with them to become future owner using the Rent to Own program.

9. We close on the property, you move in to the house, and we start executing the “Exit Strategy” that will get you home ownership and a traditional mortgage.

So call today to speak with a Rent to Own professional.